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29 November 2022
The 7th webinar : Two worlds colliding: Exploring the boundaries between system resilience and individual resilience

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The seventh webinar took place on November 29, 2022, beginning at 5pm EST (Sydney time) .

RHCS Webinar Series

Two worlds colliding: Exploring the boundaries between system resilience and individual resilience

Speakers:  Dr Louise Ellis – Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University, Australia and Professor Janet Anderson – Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, Monash University, Australia

Date: Tuesday 29th November @ 5pm – 6pm EST (Sydney time)

Abstract: Researchers and practitioners are increasingly discussing the relationship between Resilient Healthcare (or Safety II) and markers of psychological resilience such as staff burnout and wellbeing. Our systems should function independently of an individual’s characteristics. However, individuals contribute to the resilient performance of systems; it is their actions that create adaptive capacity within a system. COVID-19 has amplified the intersection of systems and individuals in the expression of resilient performance with our systems becoming increasingly fragile due to increasing rates of burnout, moral distress and subsequent workforce shortages. Although Resilient Healthcare is a systems approach, an overall reflection from the 2022 RHCS meeting in Jonkoping, was that the boundaries between the expression of resilient performance and psychological resilience are increasingly blurred.

This webinar provides an opportunity to debate the two sides of this topic. Dr Louise Ellis will argue the importance of the individual in resilient healthcare and Prof Janet Anderson will highlight the system perspective for resilient healthcare. Following these short presentations, the audience will be invited to enter into an extended discussion focusing on the possible benefits and consequences of blurring the two phenomena.


Speaker Biographies:

Dr Louise Ellis is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Macquarie University. She is a co-lead of the Complex Systems Research Stream that uses a complexity lens to approach issues of quality and safety in the delivery of healthcare. Her specific research interests are mental health services and systems, implementation science and learning health systems.

Professor Janet Anderson Professor Janet Anderson Professor of Human Factors in the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at Monash University in Melbourne. The aim of her research is to increase the quality and safety of care in all healthcare settings, drawing on human factors and psychological theories and methods. Most recently her research has focused on developing methods for applying Resilient Health Care/Safety II to quality improvement, teamwork and communication.

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